BARAKUS® is a fashion streetstyle brand of artisanal clothing, accessories and artistic works designed in Italy, made in London. The independent label created by designer Alessia Indiot, graduated in fashion design at IED Moda Lab in Milan, represents a punk indio monkey with colored crest, into you can see a crazy romantic girl.

Name and logo transmit the wild nature of this emotional artistic brand: genuine soul, primordial concept, authentic passion, ironic appeal. Mixing many contaminations, from pop to goth, new romantic to street, indian to punk, chic to glamorous, Alessia realizes rock avant-garde creations based on artisanal manufacturing, the real essence of Barakus creativity

First project born in 2010 the VISCERAL TEES COLLECTION, these six handmade tees unisex model become goodly popular in Italy thanks to conceptual graphics and lovely details are really original for customers, handmade with top quality cotton handmade in Italy, charming image, versatile fitting, especially for packaging: the exclusive sausage! Barakus t-shirt tell us own tasty story, from the mountains of Trentino, in the north of Italy where the designer was born.

Important fashion press, agenciesbuyers and famous people paid huge attention to Barakus World supporting it with passion for authenticity, high level of manufacturing, conceptual details, quality of materials and innovative model based on wild side, celebrating it as design unconventional product. 

In 2012 Barakus started a new project focused on customization based on sustainable fashion, born JEANSATION COLLECTION. A project completely created just using recycled denim and vintage clothes: interior design items, art installations and basically clothing above all the denim original bracelets

3 R of Barakus Philosophy : REDUCE  RECYCLE  REUSE

Alessia' attitude : recycled denim, studs and painting, always in love with her scissorshand, customizing everything needs to a personalization, creating never seen products. By this production, Barakus becomes one of the most pioneer belonging to sustainable creativity, following contemporary green ethic rules. Barakus feeling is a free spirit gets empathy to art. 


Currently Alessia Indiot moved to London for living new experiences and lifestyles, inspiring herself by real electric and eclectic London life, working where are lived and still living some iconic artists she loves, first of all Vivienne Westwood, Tim Burton, Charly Chaplin, Gilbert & George, Alfred Hitchcock, Virginia Woolf, Amy Winehouse, Freddy Mercury and many others. 

Barakus is designing thinker by itself open to connection with art fashion companies based in London with same vision of creativity and sustainability. Looking for perfect combo team following the flow, basically away to mainstream.

Barakus Mantra : from monkeys we come, to monkeys we will back.

For customization service and any request write me, I will be happy to help you to personalize your style and give you my free fashion suggestion:



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